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The Advantages of Having a Credit Card

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on May 3, 2016 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)


              Few years ago, my concept of having a credit card was totally different.  I see it as a burden to the cardholder.  According to people, you will be addicted in using your card and you will end up as a loser in the end.  I was convinced, especially when a friend narrated to me her experiences and how she was able to get over the horrible experience.  I told myself that I would NEVER EVER APPLY for a credit card.  I got referrals and different banks used to contact me to apply, but I have declined them.

           I didn't know what came in to me one day when I finally decided to apply-- it was an impulse decision (probably because most of my co-teachers have applied and they have been approved already)  I wanted to find out for myself how it can benefit me.

           Though at first, I was scared to use the card, I finally used my Metrobank Mastercard for the first time I when I needed to purchase a laptop.  I got it from Octagon, Sta. Lucia East Mall for 12 months installment. I seldom use the card, but then I have learned how to use it online, I have used it in my online bookings and from two Metrobank cards, the total number cards that I have now is eight.      

           So what made me decide to keep the credit cards? I find it beneficial for me and I consider it now as a necessity.  Why?

1. You can purchase appliances/gadgets/furnitures for installment plan (12 to 24 months) In that way, you don't have to shell out any amount.  got my Samsung J7 phone and Samsung tablet for my kids using my RCBC and Eastwest card.  

- I got my GE refrigerator using my Metrobank card (installment)

- I got mynew furnitures ( bedroom and office package) from Sogo Furnitures in Robinsons Metro East for installment.

-I got my automatic Whirlpool Washing Machine using my PNB card for 12 months installment.

-I got our brand-new LG 43-inch LED TV using my Eastwest Dolce Vita Card for 24 months installment.

2.  Whenever I run out of cash, I will just avail Cash 2 Go from Metrobank or go to an ATM machine and avail of cash advance from Eastwest Bank.  

3.  I can shop in department stores and grocery on installment basis (I always choose 6 months installment and PAY LATER option.  

4.  I use it in restaurants when I don't want to pay in cash.  

Of the seven cards that I have, here are my top 3 favorites:

Webiste:" target="_blank">http://

Hotline:  8-700-700

1.  Metrobank Visa Femme  


Not only that I use this card in shopping (in the department strore or online), this is also linked to my Paypal account.  I have two Cash 2 Go loans here (the first one I used in my business and the last one for our house renovation. .  Just recently, they have increased my credit limit to P100,000.  

                                           Website:" target="_blank">http://

Hotline:  (02) 575-3888

2. Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium  

The feature that I like with Eastwest is that I can use this in any ATM in case of emergency.  RCBC hasn't given me the PIN nunber yet and Citibank PINS didn't work.  The only complain I have is that you can not pay in installment-- you need to have a straight payment.  What I do is just to pay any amount that I can every month until I pay the whole amount.


Hotline:  +63 2 877-RCBC (877-7222)

3.  RCBC Bankard Platinum

          What I like about RCBC is that you can convert any straight payment transaction into 3 months installment.  

          I think it's just a matter of CONTROL when you use your credit cards.,and of course, management when it comes to paying your monthly bills.  So far, it is a BIG help for me and without these cards, I will be facing financial problems right now.  The choice is yours--- if you think you cannot handle the pressure in having credit cards, do not applay for one.  If you would like to use it in case of emergency, just have one card so that it will be easier to maintain.  Check the websites to decide what kind of credit card is suited for you before you make any decision.  

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