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Working Mom Tricks

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on July 30, 2016 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

       When I began blogging in summer, I thought it would be easy for me to manage my time as a working mom, but I was indeed WRONG.  Well,  it's been a month when I STOPPED blogging and what else can I blame but my HECTIC SCHEDULE!   Ever since school has started, I was engrossed with a lot of paperworks, responsiblities as a class adviser, preparing instructional materials, and a lot more.  I have attempted a lot of times to squeeze some time to blog and to travel, but time did not permit me to do so. It's just one day that I realized (while I was reflecting) that this can't go on-- I NEED to start all over again.


          As I reflect, it'my work as a teacher that is preventing me to do the things I shoud've done.  I have neglected my tutoring business (which helps us in our finances)-- I have failed to update the tutors' daily log and compute their salaries.  I also failed to update myself when I will pay all the bills.   I was always busy on weekends (going to the grocery and doing the laundry) and at the end of the day, I was freakin'  tired :-(  I can't think of doing other things, especially to travel because the next thing you wanted to do is to rest your exhausted body.  So, while I refelct, I have thought one way on how I can manage my time-- I used my daily planner/organizer again and it is really EFFECTIVE.  I keep track on which activity should I prioritize and even settle my bills on time.  I use a notebook to log all the inquiries I receive in my tutoring business and allot time to answer their queries via sms and e-mail.  

    Another issue that I was able to resolve is my weekend.  Supposedly, my weekends are intended for resting and bonding with my family.  I experimented and shifted grocery day and laundry day from Saturday to Friday.  I bought an automatic washing machine so I can multitask.  It was a brilliant idea; however, I have to deal with additional bills.  It was a risk that I had to take and I am positive enough that I can go all through the problems.  I spend my weekends at home (screening applicants) and bonding with hubby and kids.  So far, I am enjoying this :-) As you can see, I have started to blog again!  Yahoo!  

    Balancing my work as a teacher and manager for my tutoring business is stressful.  I always think of having a vacation to unwind, but it's still too early, but hey-- that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead of time, huh?  I have already booked for an overnight stay in a hotel in Pasig for our wedding anniversary on October. I still have a lot of activities to plan:

-plan for hubby's birthday next week

-book for inexpensive plane tickets to either Palawan or Boracay for summer

-plan for Smart Tutee's anniversary on September

-plan for Bruce's 3rd birthday and my brithday celebration on November  

      Whew!  I could go on and on but I cannot do all those if I won't be able to manage my time well.  So far, the tricks are working for me as a working mom.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything will turn out fine.  For those who are stressed (just like me before), find time to reflect and figure out ways on how you can solve your problem.  It's not that easy, but you should take a risk and be able to face possible consequences.  

What Facebook Should Improve

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on May 10, 2016 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)


          Facebook is a very powerful tool I use (for communicating and marketing purposes) I use it to connect with long-lost friends and classmates, communicate and upload files to school-related work. I created three pages --the first one for business which has 1k plus likes; the other one is for the classes I handle; and the last one is for my digital magazine (My Barbie World) It is very convenient to upload files and to announce because most of the students have Facebook account. But of course, not everything is perfect. I will enumerate what I have experienced and suggest what should be done.


1.  Limited number of friends (Yes, 5,000 friends is NOT enough for me!)
             I hate to do it but I have to limit my number of friends.  It came to a point that I have reached my 5,000 friends limit, and I had to remove people.  Why so many friends?  Well, I have more than 200 students per year and that is why I really can't accept all of them.  As much as possible I would like to accommodate them.

 2.  Group Settings
                        a.  I created a page for my English classes and supposedly, all the members should be MY STUDENTS.  There are requests of other students who would llike to be part of the group.  I do not accept their requests, but other students keep adding them.  
                 b.  I think Facebook should prevent users to add members without the consent of the account owner.  I have been added a million times already, and a  million times also that I have left the group.  I had NO choice but to UNFRIEND or BLOCK the person who added me.  

3.  Fictitious Accounts  
                        I am not sure if we can do something about this, but with numerous fictitious accounts, you can be victimized by scammers.  It's about time that people think of a way on how we can improve this---I know it's gonna be difficult because some people are just careful with what information they share on the net.

4.  Cyberbullying
                          Something should be done about this to avoid user's mental torture.  Messages or posts should be screened (but how?)  Is the report/abuse feature working?

-  FB now has privacy settings - which mean you can approve what to appear in your timeline. (If I don't like the content, I don't approve it).
 - You can also approve first before being tagged.

          To sum it all up, despite of Facebook's limitations and shortcomings, we should be RESPONSIBLE users.


The Negative Side of Being a Hotel Reviewer

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on May 8, 2016 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

                   Being a hotel reviewer is not an easy task-- it requires HONESTY so that you won't give your readers the false impression and details.  I create my blogs to inform them based from MY EXPERIENCES.  Part of being a travel blogger is also being a part of the Tripadvisor community (I also write to give my honest reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions).  Before I have joined TA as a contributor, I read reviews before I decide to book a hotel, so it was really amazing because now, it's my turn to help the readers by writing GENUINE and HONEST reviews.

            After a week of my vacation in Boracay, I got the shock of my life when a staff from a hotel I have received a call in my mobile phone about my post in Tripadvisor.  They told me I should have talked to them about my complains (the small room and the malfunctioned aircon) before I publish my post.  I said we opted not to talk to them anymore and just apologized politely for giving my honest opinion.  What I want them to realize is that reviewers are here NOT to convince other people---we are NOT promoters of those establishments.  We are not paid to write fake reviews.  I use my own resources to book hotels, so everything that I post in TA and in my blogs are based from my OWN opinion.  I gave them a link to this website so they can read my more detailed blog about their hotel.  

           Here is my purpose why I review hotels/resorts:  
1.  To help the management identify what they need to improve and conceptualize ways on how they can resolve those concerns;
2.  For the management to be aware of their best practices (what do the customers love in their hotel) so they can keep doing those;
 3. To help the readers decide on their next trip      

           So, I think you have figured out by this time what is the negative side of being a hotel reviewer-- the management put the blame on YOU when you post something about your bad experience with them.  They should have dealt wit the issue professionally.  I have received responses from the management of the other hotels that I have reviewed, but those were professionally written and I believe that they understand that once you are in TA, you should be ready for criticisms---positive or negative.

          With this experience, NOBODY can stop me from writing reviews.  As long as I believe what I do is right and I am not violating any rules, nothing can change my views.  Cheers and more reviews to come!

Spending Mother's Day on a Budget

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on May 4, 2016 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)


          Have you realized how your MOM loves you?  Think of what she does everyday (calls and sends text messages)  just to make sure that you are safe.  Most of the moms prepare your food before going to school or work.  Full-time moms wash and press your clothes.  Some even opted to work just to augment the family income and to make sure that you can eat thrice a day.  Were you able to THANK her for all the efforts and sacrifices?  This coming Sunday (May 8, 2016) will be another celebration of Mother's Day.  Here are some activities/tips on how you can spend the day with her.  

1. If you don't have a budget, simply greet and thank her for everything she has done to you.  Say the magic words "I LOVE YOU."

2.  Give her a Mother's Day card that you created, pick some flowers and buy chocolates or sweets..

3.  If you cannot treat her to a lunch or dinner in an expensive restaurant, just cook and prepare her favorite food for her.  You may go instead to a park and have picnic there.

4.  If you can't take her out to a movie date, just have a movie marathon (using the CDs that you have and just buy chips and soda from the grocery store.  

5.  Make her feel relaxed and pampered.  Don't let her work for the whole day-- offer her facial treatment and foot  or hair spa (which you can do).  You don't have to take her to a salon-- just buy beauty products from Watsons.

 6.  If you still have a budget, you can book an overnight stay in an affordable hotel.  

 Note:  I will update this blog for recommendations about affordable hotels to stay for Mother's Day.

 UPDATE:  This is how we spent the Mother's Day (May 8, 2016)

When I woke up, my children greeted and kissed me.

We had a simple Mother's Day celebration-we just ordered pizza andShakey's.  

         Mother's Day celebration doesn't need to be expensive and luxurious.  The important thing that matters is that YOU have shown LOVE and APPRECIATION for your mother.

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