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English 8 3rd Quarter Outputs

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on November 27, 2016 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (220)

Hello!  This post is created for my English 8 students.  The task is for them to create their own blog wherein all their outputs will be posted.  

Output 1:  Conducting an Interview with a Korean  (Deadline:  Jan. 2, 2016)


Output 2:  Evaluation Essay  (Please wait for my instructions.  I will give the task hopefully before Christmas vacation).

Output 3:  E-journal (to be done on January, 2016)

 NOTE:  If you are one of my students and you have successfully created your own blog, please write the following details in the comment:  Complete name, Grade & section and the link to your blog.  Do not write a comment if you have not created your blog yet.

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