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Working Mom Tricks

Posted by Jasmine R. Dedomo on July 30, 2016 at 5:55 PM

       When I began blogging in summer, I thought it would be easy for me to manage my time as a working mom, but I was indeed WRONG.  Well,  it's been a month when I STOPPED blogging and what else can I blame but my HECTIC SCHEDULE!   Ever since school has started, I was engrossed with a lot of paperworks, responsiblities as a class adviser, preparing instructional materials, and a lot more.  I have attempted a lot of times to squeeze some time to blog and to travel, but time did not permit me to do so. It's just one day that I realized (while I was reflecting) that this can't go on-- I NEED to start all over again.


          As I reflect, it'my work as a teacher that is preventing me to do the things I shoud've done.  I have neglected my tutoring business (which helps us in our finances)-- I have failed to update the tutors' daily log and compute their salaries.  I also failed to update myself when I will pay all the bills.   I was always busy on weekends (going to the grocery and doing the laundry) and at the end of the day, I was freakin'  tired :-(  I can't think of doing other things, especially to travel because the next thing you wanted to do is to rest your exhausted body.  So, while I refelct, I have thought one way on how I can manage my time-- I used my daily planner/organizer again and it is really EFFECTIVE.  I keep track on which activity should I prioritize and even settle my bills on time.  I use a notebook to log all the inquiries I receive in my tutoring business and allot time to answer their queries via sms and e-mail.  

    Another issue that I was able to resolve is my weekend.  Supposedly, my weekends are intended for resting and bonding with my family.  I experimented and shifted grocery day and laundry day from Saturday to Friday.  I bought an automatic washing machine so I can multitask.  It was a brilliant idea; however, I have to deal with additional bills.  It was a risk that I had to take and I am positive enough that I can go all through the problems.  I spend my weekends at home (screening applicants) and bonding with hubby and kids.  So far, I am enjoying this :-) As you can see, I have started to blog again!  Yahoo!  

    Balancing my work as a teacher and manager for my tutoring business is stressful.  I always think of having a vacation to unwind, but it's still too early, but hey-- that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead of time, huh?  I have already booked for an overnight stay in a hotel in Pasig for our wedding anniversary on October. I still have a lot of activities to plan:

-plan for hubby's birthday next week

-book for inexpensive plane tickets to either Palawan or Boracay for summer

-plan for Smart Tutee's anniversary on September

-plan for Bruce's 3rd birthday and my brithday celebration on November  

      Whew!  I could go on and on but I cannot do all those if I won't be able to manage my time well.  So far, the tricks are working for me as a working mom.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything will turn out fine.  For those who are stressed (just like me before), find time to reflect and figure out ways on how you can solve your problem.  It's not that easy, but you should take a risk and be able to face possible consequences.  

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