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         Let me differentiate about review and feature article.  When we say REVIEW, we give our honest to goodness opinion and observation about a certain product or establishment.  When I post a review in my blog posts here in  MY BARBIE WORLD  , expect the same.   The information and data I gathered are from my own experiences, comprehensive research and observations.  

         If I feature a product or establishment, I will mention more about the positive sides of the company (that's why it's called feature-- to convince more customers and readers to try the product, service or establishment);  however, I will also mention suggestions.  I do not publish a feature article about something that doesn't suit my taste in the name of public service as an educator and blogger.


      Advertisers and sponsors are FREE to contact me for sponsored post.  I do not accept cash but sample products or a complimentary stay/service can be given.  Our main objective here is to provide more content which will be helpful to the readers.


       The content of this blog is covered by copyright.   All the materials (articles and photographs) are owned by Jasmine Dedomo;  thus, the content including all the photos may not be reproduced in any way without the owner’s prior permission.

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